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Premise Behind Wall of Shame

For those who may not know, I write a column for Antique Trader magazine entitled, The Buck Stops Here, where I talk about the wild and crazy things that happen to us, especially me, working as a Civil War artifact dealer.

A few months back, I wrote a piece entitled, “Wall of Shame,” which focused on the different types of scams people have tried to pull on us over the years. The “Wall of Shame” column reaped many reactions and responses, ranging from incredulous to helpful advice on how to handle these cretins. Based on the popularity of the piece, I have decided to continue writing about these shameful people. For example, there’s an eye surgeon in Minnesota who reversed the charges on his credit card after we’d already issued him a credit, thus giving himself a $17,000 short term loan from our checkbook. Nice guy, right?

Besides giving me a place to vent, the idea behind this blog is two-fold. First, we want folks to realize how difficult our jobs are. It’s not all fun and games dealing with John Q. Public, especially when he’s on vacation. Many of them forget to pack their manners along in their suitcases. The other reason is to warn fellow dealers about these nefarious types. It is my intention to describe these people as best as I can, short of naming names, so that not only will the culprit know he’s reading about himself, but his brother-in-law will recognize him, too.

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