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1857 Ames Cavalry Sword

A rare date and even rarer condition dated 1857 Ames dragoon, also known as a wrist breaker. This early sword has the proper inspectors’ marks on both the drag and pommel. Clear, crisp maker’s marks and date. The leather is original as is the wire wrap. Beautiful blade and nice chocolate patina on the matching scabbard. Ask for this by inventory # 1602. $950

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1851 Ames Dragoon

A fine example of an 1840 model wristbreaker dated 1851. These dragoons (sabers) are highly collectible by both military and sword collectors. This one still has the original leather wrap and wire. It also boasts inspectors marks on the drag plus two on the pommel. The blade is clean and the matching scabbard has a nice chocolate patina. Ask for this one by inventory #1601. $895

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Trench Knives ca. WWI




Pictured here are three trench knives from World War I. The first is an Au Lion, french made and clearly marked. Clean blade and original scabbard. It is tagged #1.

The second was made by AC & Co. This triangular shaped blade was deadly and subsequently banned at the Geneva Convention. It also has its original scabbard and the dragons teeth design. This one is tagged #2.

The last one, tagged #3, is American made by L.F & C in 1918. It has a beautiful blade and perfect example of a knuckle buster. The scabbard is original.

Take your pick of one of all three! They’re perfect for the edged weapon collector or World War I military collector.


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1847 dated Ames Wristbreaker

Pre Civil War cavalry dragoon – made by Ames, the number one contractor for swords during the mid 19th century. This early saber has nice markings and a beautiful blade.  A perfect piece for the military collector. Ask for it by date and manufacturer. $1,895

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