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1862 Enfield with BSA mark

This .577 caliber Enfield is properly marked. It’s an early issue with the highly desirable BSA cartouche. Beautiful stock, these Civil War firearms are getting rare, especially in this kind of condition! Ask for EN1506, asking $2,750


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1862 Enfield Rifle

1862 Enfield, a common weapon used during the Civil War. This one has a clean bore and good wood with a nice patina. An early issue with all the correct markings on this Civil War relic. Ask for Item# EN1502 — $2,695.



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Mississippi Rifle made by Remington

With an 1852 date, this .54 cal. Mississippi rifle was made by Remington, has two military cartouches as well as a faint cast steel marking on the barrel. The US mark is clean and crisp, as is the maker’s mark, Remington’s, Herkimer NY. This antique weapon is a great pre-Civil War firearm for the collector of American militaria. Ask for MS-1501. $3,650.


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1863 Tower Enfield Rifle

Gettysburg dated Tower Enfield firearm with a BSA cartouche. Property marked and complete with the nipple protector and chain. A beautiful antique firearm from the Civil War in terrific condition any military collector would be proud to own. Item #EN1401. Call us for more details.


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