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Spencer Carbine

Civil War era Model 1860 Spencer carbine with a faint cartouche, crisp markings, serial number 27276. Great piece for the Civil War and antique firearm collector. $3,650

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Sharps Carbine Model 1859

Here it is – a Sharps Model 1859 with ALL BRASS FURNITURE! Early ones like this were not cartouched. All markings are clear and crisp. This Civil War era firearm has a nice bore and traces of blue all over. Serial number 34824. $6,500

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Civil War era Sharps Carbine

Nice new model 1863 Sharps, serial number C14506. Cartouched, nice bore, great wood on the stock, crisp and clean markings and tight action. Everything any antique or Civil War firearm collector would be proud to own! Ask for this one by serial number.

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