“Jay and Melanie Thomas run a truly exceptional shop…”

“Jay and Melanie Thomas run a truly exceptional shop at Arsenal of the Alleghenys in Gettysburg.  Very high quality merchandise is their strong suit, and no one does it better.

For over three years, I have been visiting their easy-to-find location in Gettysburg, and I’ve purchased numerous long arms from them.  I can say, with 100% certainty, that no one in the business gets the quality and quantity of near-pristine Civil War arms as does Jay Thomas.   I’ve been to over a hundred shows and shops, and each week I review websites and auction sites of every major CW arms dealer—none come close to Jay and Melanie in terms of consistent, very high condition arms.  Some auction sites occasionally acquire very nice collections, but after you add in wait times, shipping, and buyer’s premiums, there is no comparison to the Arsenal’s offerings or prices.

In addition to quality, Jay is an expert in all matters of small arms, swords, relics, and sabers.  He has been at this business a long time, both as a relic hunter and dealer, and he has a vast amount of knowledge going back decades. On many occasions, he has described for me, in detail, specific weapons and their histories that others are offering, and on several occasion he knew more about the weapons than did the dealers selling them!

For incredibly high-quality Civil War weapons, professional, knowledgeable owners, and trustworthiness, no one surpasses the Arsenal of the Alleghenys.”

A.G., LTC,  US Army, Retired

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