18 kt. Art Deco Diamond & French Sapphire Ring

The Art Deco era started around 1915 and ended in 1935. The time period is most known for things like the “flapper” and “prohibition, giving rise to illegal private clubs and bars known as speak easys. Art Deco jewelry is known primarily for two things – white metals and diamonds set in filigree mountings. Jewelry items ranged from sterling silver pieces set with marcasites all the way to high quality diamonds set in platinum. Deco pieces have never gone out of style. This Art Deco diamond ring is in a filigree setting and accented by “french” sapphires, set in 18kt white gold. French sapphires were not actually a precious stone, as its name implies, but colored glass, adding color to the antique jewelry while keeping it affordable. Ask for Inv. #645.


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