Birthstone Discounts all Year

We did a birthstone discount a couple of years ago and our clientele seemed to enjoy it, so here goes. For the rest of the year, whatever the birthstone is for that month, all jewelry with that particular stone in it will be on sale 25% off.  So, for example, garnets are January’s birthstone so all garnet jewelry is on sale. In February, amethyst jewelry will be 25% off, and so on. If you don’t see anything with your particular stone, shoot me an email and I’ll try to rectify the situation. I’m always on the look-out for new items to share with you. 

Speaking of sharing, I took a little side trip last weekend on the spur of the moment and lucked on three new pieces of jewelry. The first is an awesome opal ring surrounded by diamonds. I’m dating this piece to late Victorian-early Edwardian. The opal is large and the diamonds are bright and clear. This is definitely a STATEMENT piece – check it out! 

opal and diamond ring in 14 kt. gold

I also found an oval-cut citrine ring with two tiny diamonds on the side. This is a retro piece – I’m guessing 1960-1975. The citrine is clean and clear. This is a ring you can wear every day.

citrine ring with tiny diamonds

Finally, the real unusual item – and most of you know I’m always looking for the unique and special one-of-a-kind piece. I believe this ring started life as a scarf pin or stickpin. In one of Jeanenne Bell’s reference books, there is a stickpin almost identical to this ring’s design. Upon closer inspection, remnants of a pin can be seen underneath the ring’s setting. Plus, the band appears very modern. So this little gem was a late Victorian pin of some type and is now a stunning ring with diamonds, rubies and sapphires in tested 18 kt. rose gold. Don’t miss out on this one!

Victorian ring with precious stones

And remember, our layaway plan can always be used with any jewelry purchase. 


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Autumn Gettysburg Show is Here!

In just a few short days, set-up begins for the Autumn Gettysburg Show.  Memorabilia from the Colonial Period through World War II will be for sale and on display. The show opens at 9:00 on Saturday morning, October 29 at the Eisenhower Conference Center. The show is open through Sunday afternoon. Get there early for the best pieces and parking spot!

I will have not only new merchandise but a sale case as well. Items will be marked down as much as 50% off the regular price. We take Master Card and Visa and as always, use our layaway plan. Before we know it, the holiday gift giving season will be upon us.

We look forward to seeing old friends and making some new ones. Hope to see you there!


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Art Deco & Victorian Items plus Firearms

Victorian jewelry collectors and reenactors

As promised with the last post, we have loaded two gorgeous garnet necklaces and a pair of Victorian fringe earrings. For those who prefer vintage jewelry, check out the Art Deco category with some pretty rings, both cocktail and diamond engagement ones! As always, layaway is available on all our jewelry items.

Victorian fringe earrings Continue reading

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Garnets are Posted!

For the Victorian jewelry or garnet lover, take a look at the last two pieces under the Victorian jewelry category.

We’ve never had such nice examples of Victorian craftsmanship. The garnets are in perfect condition and without a doubt, the largest cabachon cuts we’ve ever seen. We just had to have them and hope some of you feel the same way. As always, take advantage of our layaway plan and don’t forget, the gift giving season is just around the corner.

cabachon cut garnet necklace

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New Victorian Items!

For our Victorian collectors, three fabulous pieces of jewelry were posted on the site today.

The first is a beautiful example of the shield style ring. This one has a clear oval cut garnet enhanced by seed pearls and set in 14 kt. rose gold.

Shield style garnet and seed pearl ring

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Back from Buying Trips!

We’re back from two of our favorite shows – The Baltimore Antique and Jewelry show and Brimfield – the show of shows!

Weather, specifically the heat, was a bit of an issue at Brimfield this year, but we found some wonderful treasures.

Civil War Era Colt Revolver

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More Jewelry in Stock!

We’re back from the Baltimore jewelry show and found some wonderful pieces!

Keep your eyes open and look under the Victorian and Art Deco categories. We picked up a gorgeous garnet necklace with cabachon cut stones, set in vermeil. I also got lucky and found the perfect pair of garnet earrings to match!

If anyone is shopping for a diamond ring, now’s the time to pick one out and use our free layaway plan! I found several diamond rings all set in either 14 or 18 kt. white gold with beautiful filigree settings. I’ll be adding these to the website over the next week or two. Continue reading

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New Items Added!

For the sword or saber collectors, I just loaded a beautiful early date Ames dragoon. It’s dated 1857, has the original leather and wrap and inspector’s markings on both the drag and pommel.

Take a look at it – inventory #1602. While you’re at it, check out item #1601. It’s another early wrist breaker that predates the War and comes straight out of Jay’s personal collection.

We’re attending a large show new weekend, where we’ll be hooking up with some of our best “pickers” so be sure to check out the new merchandise. I’ll be loading at least one new piece a day and will post a synopsis here every few days to help you keep up.

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When One Door Closes….

Civil War And Vintage Memorabilia For SaleThere has been lots of changes at Arsenal of the Alleghenys.

First and foremost, after a lot of soul searching, we decided to give up the day-to-day details of running a brick and mortar store and sold our building. We’ll still be around Gettysburg however, and have many wonderful artifacts and estate jewelry items on our website. If looking for something in particular, shoot us an email at and we’ll begin the search for you.

In the meantime, Continue reading

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Interview With The Collector’s Show

Harold Nicoll from the Collector’s Show was so impressed with my article on Victorian Ornaments in the Antique Trader that he invited me on his show with Web Talk Radio for an interview! It was an absolutely wonderful experience and I am so grateful for the invitation. Here is the link if you would like to listen! It’s full of fun and new information to keep you entertained and more educated on antique victorian ornaments.

Interview on The Collectors Show – Victorian Ornaments

Victorian Ornament Interview

Filling the branches of a miniature Christmas tree with ornaments shaped like birds makes for a festive flock said to bring good fortune.

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